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What is the social value of energy? Often, this value is hidden because the generation and transfer of energy is hidden. We rarely see how the energy comes to be in our possession. SolArt aims to demonstrate the production and flow of energy while creating social value in our community. Social value is demonstrated through infrastructure that produces renewable energy while providing services that bring students together in the outdoor spaces of the Arizona State University Tempe campus.
Students are vocal about what aspects they felt were lacking or could be improved in the outdoor spaces on campus. In our survey about outdoor amenities, a majority of students said they like to be outside, but wished that current amenities included more shaded seating areas, were cleaner, and provided areas where they can be with friends. These responses have been incorporated into the selection criteria for this competition

Design Guidelines

Teams and Entry | ASU students from Tempe, Downtown, Polytechnic, or West campuses may apply by February 6th at 11:59 PM. You will be placed into a team of 3-4 students according to your skillset to compete from Febraury 7-9th. Apply at

Project | Develop a design of a structure to be built on a site on ASU Tempe campus that utilizes a sustainable solar energy source, brings social value to our community, and makes people want to spend time outdoors. Designs must include: a solar energy source, a shaded area that encourages people to interact, and a demonstration of the social value created.

Deliverables | Final presentations will be judged by design, engineering, and energy professionals. Visual representations of your structure consisting of at least 2 renderings and at least one technical drawing. Workshops with the Design School and Fulton Schools of Engineering faculty will be provided. 300-word description consisting of a concept statement, how the design provides social value, how the energy it provides is used, and how it encourages students to be outdoors.

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